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Anyone Can Make and finish THESE Quilts!

LAQ is doing a new fun guild activity that we can all take part in together over the coming months. What will we be doing? Notebook Quilts!

What is a Notebook Quilt? A Notebook Quilt is a quilt with a final size of only 8 ½ x 11 inches that is vertically oriented…just like a sheet torn from a notebook! A tiny quilt of this size is not only easy to complete (Yay!) but it gives us all a wonderful opportunity to get creative and try new skills and techniques without committing to a large daunting quilt.

OK, so what’s the guild activity?! Several times a year we’re all going to make our own Notebook Quilts and then display them at guild meetings for everyone to see and enjoy. Each time we make the Notebook Quilts we will do a different and fun theme. We will ultimately display them all together at our March 2011 Quilt Show!

Our second round of Notebook Quilts is done!

August 2010 (Completed!)

Rules and Theme for the August 2010 Notebook Quilts.
Pictures of the completed August 2010 Notebook Quilts!

October 2009 (Completed!)

Rules and Themes for the completed October 2009 Notebook Quilts.
Pictures of the completed October 2009 Notebook Quilts!